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These are some dogs that passed through pug rescue on their way to the Rainbow Bridge



Dandy was rescued from the same puppymill as Winnie, where she was bred until she could no longer produce puppies. Despite her horrible life, she was the sweetest and most loving girl. Almost completely blind from PK, she lost an eye while she was in foster care, and then went into renal failure. When she got to the point where she was unable to eat, we decided we wouldn't let her suffer any longer.



Buster was a pug cross that came from Corrales. They trapped him with a pack of dogs chasing llamas (which after you got to know Buster was completely out of character for him). He got adopted by a wonderful lady and she just loved him. He slept on her bed and was a perfect gentleman. In less than a week, however, he started having major seizures. He was taken to the vet and put on medication, but the seizures continued and he had to be put to sleep.




Effie was a year-old stray who was turned in to an animal hospital, who called the Pug Rescue. She had to be held 10 days to try to locate the owner, and her foster mom couldn't let her go after that. She was adopted by her foster mom, where she lived for just over a year. Effie passed away very suddenly last March.



Winnie was a 7 year old fawn pug. She came from the Missouri puppymill where she was bred until she could no longer produce puppies. She was adopted in January and passed away peacefully in her sleep in March, having finally known a loving family.



Pugs Lee

Pugs Lee used to love going trucking cross-country with his Dad. They were constant companions in an 18-Wheeler. Pugs Lee passed away unexpectedly a few months ago.